Blockbid reserves the rights to reject the application if we find that your company or token is against Australian government regulations or posts conflict of interest to Blockbid.

Blockbid reserves the rights to publish any information leading up to the listing or delisting of your tokens to our customers.
Token listing fee will not be refunded should your token become delisted.

You would be required to agree that Blockbid will not be held responsible for any damages caused if your token or chain becomes faulty. You also agree that your engineers will verify that Blockbid’s implementation of your chain is correct before going live.

If Blockbid is running a node of your blockchain, you are advised to inform Blockbid if there are any upgrades to the client software (Soft fork or Hard fork) and the upgrade procedures involved. Blockbid cannot be held responsible if Blockbid is not informed of the upgrades.