KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements must be completed in english and provided details should match user's identifying documents.


Submitted documents must have an expiry date, which should be within six months of submitting an application for a Blockbid account. Please ensure that all ID documents are explicit, clearly readable, non-fragmented and show the full document (not cut off) - otherwise our KYC system will not be able to pass the verification.


Blockbid will accept an image of your driver's license, passport or any government issued ID as proof of identity.


An account cannot be verified until KYC requirements are completed and approved by the KYC compliance team.


Any ID detected as fraudulent will automatically have the account suspended and details will be  added to the Global Anti-Fraud Watchlist. If you feel that the details you have entered have been mistakenly identified as fraudulent, please contact our support directly: 

Users will automatically be prompted to verify their account when trying to make their first deposit. 

KYC Verification Process using Passport or Driver's License.

1: Once prompted to 'Verify your identity with us', click the 'Begin ID Check' button

2: Confirm whether you are an Australian citizen or not

3: Select which form of ID you’d like to use and follow the prompts to take a photo of the document, and confirm.

4: If you choose Passport, Upload the front page of the passport.

5: If you choose DL, upload the front image.

6: Once uploaded the image of your ID or Passport, Begin to confirm your details.

7: You will be asked to verify your Name, Address, DOB, Gender and Document number. Once done, your details will be processed. 

(i) Verify DOB

(ii) Verify your Name

(iii) Verify your Last Name

(iv) Verify your Document Number.

(v) Verify your Gender.

(vi) Verify your Address:

8: Once done, your details will be processed and you will be asked to commence the live facial recognition and liveness test and make sure to follow the instructions on the screen in terms of "No Glasses", "Hat" and "Scarf". Also, make sure to follow the instructions which will be prompted while recording such as " Look Left". "Look Right", "Blink 3 times, " Say Hello" and "Say Grape" to ensure the success with liveness check.

9: Once done with Facial recognition test, your details will be processed.

10: Once details are processed, you would be advised to wait for a while until your account is marked as verified after required check and you can also leave a review at the end.

We are an Australian registered company and licensed to operate as a DCE (digital currency exchange) provider governed by AUSTRAC. Our approval to operate has come under strict regulation concerning AML/CTF policies on global scale, we have therefore have been working with our providers, RapidID & Lexis Nexis, to help us identify users on our platform. We do not store the identifying documentation data and the data is almost immediately deleted post KYC & AML/CTF checks by our providers.

You may find further information to Data Retention & Privacy Policies regarding our providers RapidID policy in this link & for Lexis Nexis policy in this link

We have always strived to set a standard in which will allow us to operate for many years by working within our regulatory framework as set out by our governing jurisdiction and we take our users privacy. As an Australian registered and licensed business you may also find further information regarding privacy policy for foreign individuals data privacy while interacting with Australian businesses under Australian law in this link