Each user will have unique wallet ID for all cryptocurrency coins. Simply send the relevant cryptocurrency (as supported on Blockbid) to your Blockbid wallet ID to make a deposit.

How to Deposit Crypto:

1. Log into your Blockbid account

2. Click the menu in the top right hand side and select 'Balances'

3. Select the cryptocurrency you'd like to deposit from the list

4. On the right hand side of the screen, select 'Deposit'

5. Your unique wallet ID will be displayed

6. Deposit cryptocurrency to your Blockbid wallets by using this as the 'receiving' wallet address

If you have a cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal issue please contact our support team support@blockbid.io and provide the following information if available:

  • Transaction ID link

  • Transaction Screenshot

  • Account email

  • Cryptocurrency name and Amount

  • Wallet Addresses

  • Location where the funds are coming from (deposits only)

Please note that in times of high congestion that the fees may increase, you may choose to wait and thereby incur standard withdrawals fee once network congestion has cleared.